How to Keep Your Home Free of Mold – House to Home Inspect Colorado

How to Prevent Mold in Your Home. Clean, dust, and disinfect household surfaces. Frequent cleaning helps remove the mold spores from household surfaces and considerably reduces the dirt and grime (excellent sources of organic food for the harmful fungi) in the home. Therefore, you are strongly recommended to wash and disinfect plastic, metal,

Also, most homeowners insurance will usually not cover mold remediation costs after a flood unless you have a special insurance rider covering your home in case of a flood. To help prevent mold damage, always keep humidity levels in your house between 30 percent and 60 percent, clean up water spills and damp areas right away, and ensure you.

This can be because of mold spores blowing into the home from outdoor mold or because there used to be mold growing in your home which left behind a build up of spores. By testing for mold you can tell if there is an unhealthy level of spores in your house and find out if any allergies you might have are from mold or something else.

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Free Home Inspection For Mold. To get a list of the mold specialists in your area that provide these free services you can fill out the form below. If you prefer to speak with a local expert right now, you can call this toll free number 877-620-3493.

Mold Testing Advice for Home Buyers. Because it is perfectly normal to find some mold spores in air everywhere and because mold is ubiquitous in the environment, it makes no sense to attempt to buy a "mold free" home, nor should your objective be to test a prospective new home to be sure that there is no mold therein.

Nevertheless, if you have reason to suspect there’s hidden mold in the home, you might elect to hire a professional mold testing company. These companies test the air in and around the home. They can also dig into walls and take samples, which they later test in a laboratory.

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If you implement solutions to keep you home in the right range, you’ll have these benefits: improve personal comfort. control moisture that can damage your home’s wood, paint, and siding. prevent mildew growth and odors in clothing and belongings. Improve indoor air quality by reducing dust mites, mold, and other allergens.