Mom Goes From Joking To Speechless When Her Stepdaughter Surprises Her With Adoption Papers

Could he really be part of proper couple, one who would love and raise the baby? What if he gave his son or daughter everything he had to offer, and it still was not enough? So he had called Jerome into his room, asked the man to hand him his backpack, and signed the adoption papers right then and there.

Mom. Does that scare you? You were always-and still are-gun shy. I want to be your daughter in every way, Mercy. I want to give you cards and flowers on Mother’s Day and write ‘Mom’ on the card. Not Mercy. You can throw this away, I give you permission. And you can ignore it completely like Mom.

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They’re Adult Adoption papers and she does say at one point that they’re already filled out, they just need his signatures. Likely since she’s an adult she could get the application herself without him and he just has to sign and present them (with ID, I’m sure) at the courthouse.