You Don’t Have to Move Your Startup To Silicon Valley, Here’s Why

Unless you’re working in tech, it probably doesn’t make sense to live in the Bay Area. And, even then, if you don’t have family here, nor entrepreneurship ambitions, you should try to look for a job in another location. Your lifestyle would be of.

Despite Flipkart’s sale to Walmart for a whopping $16 billion, there’s still a huge opportunity gap in India’s startup ecosystem, says Nitin Rai, chairman of the board of trustees of TiE Global, a.

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Attitude (6/10) Silicon Valley. you don’t have that money, you’ll need to take on financial aid and/or loans. If you graduate with considerable debt, you will need to make enough money to cover.

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Silicon Valley has forgotten to solve problems for everyday people and the backlash is comingA $700 juicer. A delivery app that lets you pay $10 to get your $8 burrito faster. An app to valet your car. These are the kinds of innovation that Silicon Valley has recently poured billions into building.

Silicon Valley persists as a primary destination for tech startups. Investopedia explores why it is beneficial to start a tech business in Silicon Valley

Don’t Build Your Startup Outside of Silicon Valley.. You certainly don’t need to bang on doors on Sand Hill to start a restaurant chain or a real estate brokerage.. tech companies see.

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Don't Build Your Startup Outside of Silicon Valley. You certainly don't need to bang on doors on Sand Hill to start a restaurant chain or a. Tech companies see engineers move to and fro frequently, integrate their products.

Why Shanghai might be the next Silicon Valley-and why you should care Behind China’s Great Firewall is a nation 1.38 billion strong ushering a new era of innovation. If you aren’t aware of the technological advancement taking place here, you should give this article a look.

He said investors are just hoping you’ll give them a compelling argument for why they should. Read more: Keep your day job, move slowly, and don’t worry about building a unicorn: A New York.

What’s Special About Silicon Valley?. you start by getting great people to start them! Silicon Valley is just a bunch of people with laptops, too.. You don’t have to do anything. Your.